• Find the treasures and win points.
  • It is a game very simple and intuitive.
  • Choose a rural or urban setting and then a Trebus you like.
  • It is original, fun and exciting.


Known cities

Trebus allows you to discover corners of a city. Do a bit of sport so original and fun.

Interactive game

Trebus keep you informed at all times... treasures, points, time remaining, etc... At the end of the Trebus, you'll be able to add comments and explain your experience.

Play alone or accompanied

Play when you want and with whomever you like. You'll be able to perform the Trebus on the day that is better for thee to go, and you can do it if you want with your friends and compete with them.

Have fun

Trebus is a fun game, original and exciting. You should only register yourself and buy a Trebus of a city. You choose the strategy to follow. You choose the treasures and you apply for the cards when you want. Remember that there is a time limit.


Trebus is a competitive game. Earn points for finding treasures and by correctly answering the surprise questions and cards photo and risk. You can consult the classification of all the participants.

How it works

  • Each participating team will choose the color of the treasure to be found.
  • TREBUS will ask a question to validate the treasure.
  • Points will be added for each treasure found when answering a question, being able to increase the score with surprise questions and also with the Photo Card and / or the Risk Card.
  • As long as the game lasts you can consult the classifications of the fellow participants of the other teams.
  • The aim of TREBUS is to spend a little time, we recommend maximum 1h30, pleasant and entertaining. In parallel, cardinal skills will be worked out in a company such as teamwork, commitment, decision-making, dynamism-energy or leadership.

Download the APP for your device
Access the STORE and choose a tour
Enter the game code in the APP
Start having fun playing Trebus!

Download for iOS

Download for Android

Frequently asked questions

What steps should I follow to perform a Trebus?

First you have to register on the web page. After you will be able to choose a Trebus of a city and buy it. Trebus will give you a code for each Trebus purchased. Attention, save this code, Trebus't be asked at the start of the game.

What operating systems are available?

For the moment only works with Android. We are working to have soon the Trebus available for Iphone.

When it expires, a Trebus?

Once you have purchased a Trebus, it never expires. You can make any day.

What are the requirements required by the game?

You need 10 MB of space available. It is recommended to have access to the Internet, you can check the rating and to pass the data of your journey to the web. It is also advisable to have a good battery level and brightness on the screen.

How much time is available to perform a Trebus?

Each Trebus has a time limit. It is a information that explains the choose Trebus. The game ends when the end of the period, or validate the treasure black.

How many treasures has a Trebus?

It depends on each Trebus. Minimum there are 4 treasures, one green, one blue, one red and one black.

How many cards has a Trebus?

It depends on each Trebus. At the start of the game, Trebus gives you a card Photograph and a card Risk. For each treasure successfully validated, Trebus gives you a card Photograph and a card Risk.

How important is it to have the volume high on the phone?

Yes, very important. Trebus ALERTS you with a sound each time that you inform of any news. Thus, it is essential to have high-volume MULTIMEDIA.

You know Trebus, play now!

Prices and services


by volume

  • Price per volume
  • Variable price per tour
  • Trebus available in store
  • Skin Talentia Gestió
  • Custom support


for tour

  • Unlimited codes
  • Incomings for each tour
  • Custom Trebus
  • Custom Skins
  • Custom support